Information Security

Phishing attemps

If you have received a suspected phishing attempt please forward the email as an attachment it Here are instructions for forwarding an email as an attachment for different email clients:

If you clicked on a link in a phishing attempt: run a manual scan of your system with either Malwarebytes ( or McAfee.

If you clicked on a link in a phishing attempt and logged in with either your BMB or Chemistry LDAP account or your Campus NetID, change your password immediately.

To change your BMB or Chemistry LDAP account password:

To change your Campus NetID:

Finally visit this link for information on reporting a security incident:


All university-owned computers are required to have anti-malware/anti-virus software installed on them. It also a good idea to install anti-malware/anti-virus on personal system. UMass IT offers personal versions of McAFee:

If you feel you have downloaded downloaded a virus or if your computer is slow due to adware and potentially unwanted programs you can run a manual scan with Malwarebytes: or McAfee.

Malwarebytes allows you to run a manual scan and does not continue to monitor for malware activity in the background like McAfee does so it is okay to install on your system alongside McAfee. Otherwise you should not have two virus programs installed on your computer at the same time.

More information:

For more information on security at UMass including how to protect University data, visit this site:

UMass IT’s Information Security Policy:

Information Security