The University has a site license for OriginPro, which is currently shared among the departments that contributed towards the cost of the site license. Any user in a contributing department may install a fully licensed version of OriginPro as long as it is for University-related work; this includes faculty, staff, and students.  If you are a member of a contributing department, please complete this form:


If you would like to use Origin and are not from one of the contributing departments, please contact us for further information and assistance.

Origin is a Windows-only program. If you want to run Origin on MacOS, a Linux distribution, or some other operating system, you will first need to install a virtual Windows environment in a program like VirtualBox. This process has only been tested in Windows 7, but it should also work for other Windows operating systems. You can review the full system requirements here.

Instructions for installing Origin follow. (You will need our serial number.) If you do not have these, the IT staff in your department should be able to supply them.

You will need to have administrator privileges on your Windows system to complete the installation.

Downloading and Installation

  1. You will need an OriginLab account to download the installer. If you have not already done so, you can create a free account by filling out the form at www.originlab.com/restricted/register/community_register.aspx
    • You must use your full UMass email address as your username
    • Your username must end with umass.edu or the license will not work
    • Under Company, enter: University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  2. Log into your OriginLab account (see step 1) at https://www.originlab.com/restricted/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=/restricted/
  3. Click on Manage my Licenses
  4. Click on the Serial Number
  5. Click on Download this Version.
  6. The installer should start downloading as soon as you log in. It should be a file named Origin2023bSr1No_H.zip (or something similar)
  7. Once the download finishes, right click the installer file and select Run as Administrator
  8. Click Yes to allow the program to make changes to your computer
  9. Click Next to start the setup
  10. Read the License Agreement and click Yes if you accept the terms
  11. Select Install Product (requires serial number) and click Next
  12. Fill out the User Name, Company Name, and Serial Number fields. Put University of Massachusetts at Amherst as the company name.
  13. Click Next
  14. Verify that the information you entered is correct, then click Yes to confirm
  15. Select “64 bit Origin”, unless you know your OS is a 32-bit version
  16. Click Next, and Yes (to create the specified directory)
  17. With Embedded Python checked, click Next
  18. Click Next (to install for all users)
  19. Click Next (for specified Program Folder)
  20. Click Next (Start copying files)
  21. Wait until the installation is complete
  22. Click Finish
  23. Check the box for Launch Origin now as administrator to complete licensing…
  24. When prompted to Enter Product Key, click this link to go to the Product Key Request page
  25. Check your email for an email from OriginLab.com, which has the product key.
  26. Copy and paste the product key where prompted in Origin Pro and click Activate
  27. Click OK

Your installation of Origin Pro is activated!

Contact ithelp@chem.umass.edu or ithelp@biochem.umass.edu if you have any difficulty with the installation process.