ChemDraw Prime

You will need to create an account on the CambridgeSoft web site to be able to download and install ChemDraw Prime.

Follow these instructions:

  1.  Create a new account by filling out the registration form here.  (When registering, be sure to use your [NetID] email address.)

  2. After registering, you will be logged into the PerkinElmer site. Enter “University of Massachusetts – Amherst” in the Search for Institution field (below Site Subscription) and press ENTER.

  3. Click Register under “Register to download the latest version of ChemDraw”.
  4. Complete the New User form, using your email address.
  5. Click Submit
  6. Your browser page will change to a login challenge. (You will also receive an email that links to this login page.)
  7. Click the Sign Up tab
  8. Enter the credentials you created in step one, and click Sign Up
  9. You will see a List Entitlements page
  10. Copy the Product Activation value for product “ChemDraw Prime. Annual Site Subscription, includes Bronze Support. V17 (Site L)”
  11. Click Download Now link

  12. Click ChemDraw Prime link
  13. Click the link for the appropriate operating system (Windows or Mac OSX) of your computer to download ChemDraw Prime
  14. Open the downloaded file to install ChemDraw Prime, and use the copied Product Activation value when prompted.

Contact or if you have any questions.