ChemDraw Prime

You will need to create n account on the CambridgeSoft site to be able to download and install ChemDraw Prime.

To create a new account, fill out the registration form here. When registering be sure to use your [NetID] email address.

You will be sent an email from with a link to set your password. The link sent to you is only valid for 3 hours. Once you have set your password you will be able to download ChemDraw Prime.

The activation code for ChemDraw Prime is available via the “Order History” link located in the left column of the Download Center.

Click the link under “Order Number” column for the version of Chemdraw you installed.

You can find the activation code under the “ActivationCode” column.

The activation code is valid for both Windows and Mac installations.

Contact or if you have any questions.