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Installing OriginPro 8.6 with University Site License


For 9.1, use this link to download the software installer!
Please also note that 9.1 has a different Access Code from 8.6
  • Overview
  • Downloading and Initial Install
  • First Run
  • Installing the License Key
  • Notes & Getting Help

  • Overview

    The University has a site license for Origin Pro, currently shared among the departments that contributed towards the cost of the site license. Any user in a contributing department may install a fully licensed version of Origin Pro 8.6 as long as it is for University-related work, including faculty, staff, and students. We are working with OIT on expanding access to the license to individuals outside of the originally-contributing departments, and more will be posted here as soon as we have a procedure in place. If you would like Origin and are not from one of the contributing departments, please contact us (information at bottom of the page) for further information and assistance.

    Origin is a Windows-only program

    Instructions for installing Origin follow. You will need our license number and access code. If you do not have these, the IT staff in your department should be able to supply it.

    The easiest way to install Origin is to download it from the OriginLab website, but if you are not able to do that, again your departmental IT staff should have the software media available.

    You will need to have administrator privileges on your Windows system to run the install.

    Downloading and Initial Install

    1. Open your browser and go the the OriginLab website.

    Under their Products menu, select Origin Pro

    Select the Free Demo/Evaluation link

    Select the Download Now link

    2. You will be presented with a form to fill out to register.
    You MUST use your UMass email address
    Fill the form out. After you have filled out the form, click Continue.

    You will be asked to create a username and password. Your username should default to your email address

    3. When you have successfully registered on the Origin website, you will be presented with a dialogue asking you to select a download site and a file format. We recommend you select USA and .exe.

    Once you have made your selections, click the Download Now button.

    4. A dialogue will open asking if you want to open or save the file. Select Save The File

    The Origin installer will be downloaded and saved on your computer. It may take several minutes.

    5. Find the Origin Installation program. Depending on your system, it may download to your Desktop, or to your Downloads folder under My Documents.

    Double-click the icon to launch the installation.

    The Installer will launch a Welcome screen. Click Next.

    You will be presented with a License Agreement. Read it and, if you agree, select Yes.

    You will be asked to choose a version to install. For now, select OriginPro Evaluation

    Click Next

    A warning will appear informing you that the evaluation version is limited. You can ignore this. Click OK

    You will be prompted for your name and your organization. These should be already populated with the correct values, but if not, use the same information as you used to register.

    Confirm your registration information and click Yes

    You will be asked to choose a directory for the program to be installed in. You should probably just use the default. Click Next

    If the directory selected does not exist (which it probably doesn't) it will ask you if you would like to create it. Click Yes

    You will be given an opportunity to select additional features, which consist entirely of help files in alternate languages. Unless you need those, just click Next

    You will be asked about User access. Unless you have a good reason to do otherwise, you should select All users and click Next

    You will be asked about the Program Folder. Unless you have a reason to change this, keep the default and click Next

    Yay! Origin is ready to start copying files! If it all looks good, click Next

    Installation begins!

    After installation is complete, you will be given a (pre-checked) option to learn more about Origin online. If you do not want to do that at this time (and you probably don't, because you've still got a bunch more instructions ahead that you don't want to forget about) uncheck the Learn More Online box and then click Finish

    First Run

    Before we install the license key, there's a few more setup things that need to be done. To do them, launch the software. If you do this right after installation, you should have been left with an open window to the OriginPro folder. If that's the case, just click on the OriginPro program. Yours may say either 32-bit or 64-bit.

    If you don't have an open Origin folder, you can launch the program by using:

  • Start
  • Programs
  • OriginLab
  • OriginPro 8.6 32/64bit

  • You will be prompted to select a folder to store user files and templates in. Unless you have a reason to change this, keep the default and click OK

    If that path selected does not exist, you will be asked if you'd like to create it. Click Yes

    You will once again be asked about evaluation license options, but again, this is not where we want to deal with this. Select Get an evaluation license later and click OK

    Click OK. The program is now useable, but you will need to install the license code soon.

    Installing the License Key

    In order to install the license, Origin must not be running.
    If it's running, Quit out of it now.

    From the Start menu, select:
  • Programs
  • OriginLab
  • OriginLab Pro 8.6 Add or Remove Files

  • A Welcome screen will appear. Select the option to Modify OriginPro, and click Next

    Finally, you can select Install Product! (You're not actually going to re-install Origin, it's just going to "install" the license key.)

    Click Next

    Verify that your name and organization is correct, then enter the University site license serial number into the lower box. Once a number has been entered, you'll be able to click Next

    Confirm the information you entered by clicking Yes

    Click Finish.

    Launch OriginPro. As soon as the program starts up, you will get a warning box telling you that you require a license file to run. Select Get a license file online now and click OK

    You will be presented with a set of information, including the serial number you just entered, and a unique computer name and computer ID that are automatically generated by Origin. You can't really do anything here except double-check that the serial number is correct. Click OK to send this information to OriginLab.

    A window to OriginLab will (should!) automatically open in your browser, to a form requesting your Access Code. Enter it here.

    Assuming all the information that you've been given is valid, a box will appear containing your license file:

    Copy and paste the contents of that license code box into the dialogue open in OriginPro on your computer, and then click OK

    You should get a small pop-up telling you that the license file has been successfully updated. Click OK.

    Installation complete!

    Notes & Getting Help


    1. This install was run on a 32-bit Windows XP system. Other versions of Windows, or the 64-bit version, may be slightly different. If you run the install and have substantially different dialogues/options, or encounter difficulties, please contact us.

    2. It is entirely possible -- maybe even likely -- that there are shortcuts. I haven't had time yet to explore the possibilities, but if I do find any, I will update the instructions. If you, adventurous soul that you are, decide to wander off the path in search of your own shortcuts, and you find some, please let me know that as well.

    Getting Help:

    If you encounter difficulties with these instructions or are in need of further information, please contact us via one of these methods:

    If you are in Chemistry or Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, email: or
    Otherwise, please email